P90X 2 Review

P90X 2 Urges You To ‘Bring It’ Yet Again

If you have tried Power 90, P90X or any of Beachbody’s other home fitness programs, you haven’t seen anything yet. Beachbody is urging you to bring it yet again with P90X 2. The P90X 2 program comes with three kit options and an entire library of new and innovative workouts. There is a new and improved nutrition guide that pays attention to vegan, vegetarian and other restrictive diets, and exercise guide and a ninety-day calendar. Let’s take a look at the program and see what’s new. Get ready to bring it AGAIN.

What’s New?

Beachbody decided to come out with all guns blazing by hiring fitness experts Dr. Marcus Elliott and the Peak Performance Project to preside over Beachbody’s Scientific Advisory Board. And the group has come up with something revolutionary that is sure to make an impact with Beachbody fans. Instead of merely relying on muscle confusion, which was the plateau-breaking science behind P90X, P90X 2 enlists exercises that help with Post Workout Potentiating (PAP). Just like muscle confusion, it’s designed to get your muscles working overtime and in much less time.

P90X 2 Phases

With P90X, you had set phases that lasted 3 weeks with a recovery week in between. P90X 2 is a bit different. Phase 1 lasts for 3 to 5 weeks and focuses on movement and flexibility so as to avoid injury. Phase 2 lasts 3 to 6 weeks and focuses on strength and agility. Phase 3 lasts for 3 to 4 weeks and focuses on explosive movements that will make you feel young again. You can cut a phase short or make it last longer with this program, allowing for much more versatility.

Less Is More

One of the biggest differences between P90X and P90X 2 is the fact that, with P90X you had to work out six days per week, without fail. With P90X 2, you only work out five days per week. That’s right. The workouts are much more advanced and with greater intensity, allowing you to ‘earn’ two extra days off per week.

Improved Nutrition Guide

Beachbody admits that the P90X nutrition guide was seriously lacking. The P90X 2 nutrition guide is seriously ramped-up with information for vegans, vegetarians, pescatarians and more. There is even information about protein shakes and recovery drinks. The guide is actually a combination of 27 mini-guides, with creative and revolutionary ways to keep you on track while you’re going through the program.

The Workouts

The P90X 2 workout DVDs (12 in all) are more intense than ever with names like:

  • Recovery and Mobility
  • Chest, Back and Balance
  • P.A.P. Upper
  • P.A.P. Lower
  • Plyocide
  • Base and Back
  • Balance and Power
  • Yoga
  • Ab Ripper X2
  • Total Body
  • Shoulders and Arms
  • And X2 Core

There are also two advanced X2 workouts (V-Sculpt and X2 Chest, Shoulder and Tri) that are sold separately from the base kit.

With three kits to choose from (P90X 2 Base, P90X 2 Deluxe and P90X 2 Ultimate), you will gain the tools, know-how and edge to get in the best shape of your life. The base kit includes the workouts, the nutrition guide and the workout calendar. The Deluxe and Ultimate kits come with all that and more, including valuable workout equipment. For instance, the two advanced kits come with foam rollers, stability ball, (2) 8-lb. medicine balls and power stands, depending on the kit you choose.

If you are looking to get more ripped and you are looking to improve your balance, agility, core strength and overall athleticism, P90X 2 is for you. If you thought P90X was intense or you’ve never tried a Beachbody home fitness program before, get ready to seriously bring it in 2012.

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