P90X Ab Ripper

P90X Ab Ripper is one part of the P90X total body workout system. Ab Ripper includes exercises that focus on the core muscle groups located in the midsection of the body. The core muscle groups are some of the most difficult muscles of the body to tone and exercise effectively and include the rectus abdominis, transverse abdominis, internal abdominal obliques, external abdominal obliques, latissimus dorsi, erector spinae and numerous small muscle groups in the hips. The strength and fitness of the core muscles is important for maintaing good posture, for helping to keep the muscles of the back strong and for promoting general well-being.

The fast paced Ab Ripper workout takes about 16 minutes and includes approximately 360 individual moves that are designed to work all the core muscle groups. Dynamic music and high-energy instruction provide excellent motivation throughout the workout.

The following are some of the exercises included in the Ab Ripper workout:
• In and Outs-seated leg extensions that work hip flexor muscles and abdominal muscles
• Seated Crunches—similar to the above exercise with added upper body movement
• Seated Bicycle—seated leg motion similar to pedaling a bicycle that works lower abdominal muscles and hip muscles
• Wide Leg Sit-ups—traditional sit-ups with feet spaced widely apart that address all major abdominal muscles
• Fifer Scissors—extended alternating leg raises to work lower abdominal muscles and hips
• Hip Rock and Raise—folded leg raises that work lower abdominal muscles and hip muscles
• Pulse Up—raising hips off floor in a reverse crunch to work lower abdominal muscles and low back muscles
• Oblique Crunches—similar to a regular crunch but performed in a sideways motion to address oblique muscles
• Leg Climb—“climbing” up and back down raised extended leg with arm movements to work many different abdominal muscles
• Mason Twist—seated torso twist that works oblique muscles and abdominal muscles

The Ab Ripper workout is only one of a series of specialized workouts in the P90X system. P90X is a comprehensive 90 day plan of exercise and nutrition that is designed to target all major muscle groups of the body to increase fitness, endurance and muscle tone. P90X also includes cardio and yoga workouts.

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