P90X Equipment

If you’re looking to get in shape, P90X can sure help you do it. The folks at Beachbody ┬áhave compiled the ultimate home fitness system, and it’s all whittled down into a neat little package that comes with a baker’s dozen worth of DVDs and two booklets. And that’s it, that’s all you need to get in the best shape of your life in only 90 days! Well, it’s sort of all you need. You will also need some equipment to properly follow through with the system. But luckily, the equipment listed below is low-cost and worth-while. In fact, you’ll be glad you got the items listed below, as they will make P90X that much easier. And with a workout as intense as this one, you’ll be glad to get any help you can.


With P90X, you have a choice. You can be a weights person or a bands person. You don’t need heavy weights (about 10-25 lbs. will do), but you do need some sort of resistance. As long as you follow through with the system, the type of resistance you choose doesn’t really matter. But you should only use the equipment that feels most comfortable to you.

Chin-Up Bar

Today it’s common to see chin-up bars sold that ‘hook onto’ your doorframe, yet they don’t do any damage to the doorframe itself. They’re designed so well that they will completely and safely support your body while keeping your door frames intact.

Heart Rate Monitor

To get the kinds of results you see in the P90X infomercials, you’ll need to work out in The Zone. This will all be described to you when you read the P90X book and watch the Learn How to Bring It introductory DVD. But a heart-rate monitor goes on your wrist like a wristwatch and, don’t worry. You’ll hardly notice it once you get going. Plus, it’ll let you know whether you need to push harder or let up a little, depending on your current level of fitness and fitness goals.

Recovery Formula

Finally, there’s the recovery formula which is also made by Beachbody. These workouts are ultra-intense and so you should be getting all the necessary nutrients in your body in order to heal properly. That way you can build muscle, muscle tone and you’ll get into the best shape of your life. And all you have to do is mix it and drink it. And to top it all off, it tastes great.

There are other products designed for the P90X system, such as yoga blocks and plyometrics mats, etc. But these are the basics that will get you through this 90 day system that’s designed to get you ripped quickly, as long as you’re willing to bring it and push play just like Tony Horton tells you to.

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