P90X2 Workout Schedule

The first phase of P90X2 is the foundation phase which is designed to last from 3-6 weeks. To prepare you for the rest of the program and for a higher level of intensity, it focuses on developing balance and strengthening your core.
Day 1: X2 core focuses on the body’s core, which is in the form of an X shape if you were to draw lines from one arm to its opposite leg and repeat on the other side of the body. It’s where all movement begins and ends.
Day 2: Plyocide: A workout combining traditional movements in workouts with both mind and coordination drills to increase both speed and endurance.
Day 3: Rest or X2 recovery and Mobility: The myofascial release technique increases mobility and works out kinks and knots in the body.
Day 4: X2 Total Body and X2 Ab Ripper: The total body workout uses both instability and resistance together to force the muscles to work in the way that guarantees results. The most important aspect is form.
Day 5: Yoga: Yoga focuses on relaxing both the mind and body while increasing range of motion and muscle strength. It has been shortened from 93 down to 66 minutes from Yoga X.
Day 6: X2 Balance + Power: This workout pushes on limits and is basically an addition to where X2 ends its cycle. The movements are explosive and combined with strength to force you to move beyond your comfort zone.
Day 7: Rest or X2 Recovery and Mobility

The second phase builds on the skills that were learned and strengthened during phase one. It’s the strength phase and lasts from 3-6 weeks. They are split into sections so you work out 2-3 muscle groups during each workout. Phase 2 is where you can expect to see the largest change in muscle tone or fat loss. If using the program primarily to lose fat or build muscle, instead of giving yourself a challenge or to stay fit, you’ll definitely want to spend the full 6 weeks on this portion of the program.
Day 1: Chest + Back + Balance + X2 Ab ripper: Similar to the original chest + back, the exercises focus on the back and chest but done in unstable positioning to force the muscles to work.
Day 2: Plyocide
Day 3: Rest or X2 Recovery + Mobility
Day 4: X2 Shoulders + Arms +X2 Ab Ripper: This workout focuses on strengthening the shoulders to reduce the chances of injury and increase stability.
Day 5: X2 Yoga
Day 6: Base + Back & X2 Ab Ripper: Works on both the back and base of the body which include the greatest number of muscles but gives meaning to the phrase “hurts so good.”
Day 7: Rest or X2 Recovery + Mobility

The third and final phase of the program is the performance phase which focuses on building endurance and increasing levels of performance. It lasts from 3-4 weeks and is also known as the “money” phase of the program. It is the most intense phase of the entire program and utilizes PAP or Post Activation Potentiation.
Day 1: P.A.P Lower: The strength you’ve gained during the first two phases of the program come to work here. The workouts are done in two different four-round movement cycles that have tested even the fittest athletes.
Day 2: P.A.P Upper: Moves the P.A.P. action to the upper body and leaves you feeling loose and springy after an intense workout.
Day 3: X2 Yoga
Day 4: Rest or X2 Recovery + Mobility
Day 5: P.A.P. Lower
Day 6: P.A.P. Upper
Day 7: Rest or X2 Recovery + Mobility
Recovery is another portion of the program that you decide when to do during the program. It should be done when you feel it is in order and is not limited to a specific time-frame.

Phase 1Phase 2Phase 3Recovery Week
3 to 6 Weeks
3 to 6 Weeks
3 to 4 Weeks
to be done whenever you need it
Day 1X2 coreChest + Back + Balance & X2 Ab RipperP.A.P. LowerX2 Recovery + Mobility
Day 2Plyoicde
PlyocideP.A.P. Upper
X2 Yoga
Day 3Rest or X2 Recovery + MobilityRest or X2 Recovery + MobilityX2 YogaX2 Recovery + Mobility
Day 4X2 totall Body & X2 Ab RipperX2 Shoulders + Arms & X2 Ab RipperRest or X2 Recovery + MobilityX2 Yoga
Day 5X2 YogaX2 YogaP.A.P. LowerX2 Recovery + Mobility
Day 6X2 balance + PowerBase + Back & X2 Ab Ripper P.A.P. UpperX2 Yoga
Day 7Rest or X2 Recovery + MobilityRest or X2 Recovery + MobilityRest or X2 Recovery + MobilityRest or X2 Recovery + Mobility
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