P90X3 Preview

The latest in Tony Horton’s P90X series is p90x3. This workout brings it back closer to the original p90x, in that you will not need all of the extra equipment to take advantage of the full benefits of the work out. Much like p90x, the only extra equipment that you will need is a dumbbell, pull-up bar, and a yoga mat. So for some of you who may have given up on the series after seeing how much extra equipment p90x2 required, you will definitely love the fact that p90x3 has gone back to its original roots.

As for the length of the workouts you will either be pleasantly surprised or a little annoyed. Though it boasts that you can obtain the body that you want in as little as 30 days by putting in as little as 30 minutes a day, you will find that if you actually do the warm up and cool down routines then you are actually putting in closer to 45 minutes to an hour. Although 45 minutes is still way shorter than the hour and a half workouts of p90x2.

This workout is straight forward and to the point. In fact, if you don’t own either of the other two workouts, you should still slide into this one just fine. There are many people out there that would not say the same for p90x2. Some of the moves are complex, but not nearly as much as p90x2. Additionally, if it gets to be too much for you, then there are plenty of modifications that you can do while you are still in the early phase of the workout.

Bottom line, you will not find the targeted workouts offered in the original p90x but this version is great for those in moderately good shape. For those who have been with the series since the beginning, you probably will not find this new workout to be much of a challenge. It is great for maintenance days though. Some may even find that switching over to Insanity will provide a more intense workout, or they may even prefer to stick with the earlier versions of p90x.

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