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P90X Supercharged: the P90X2 Evolution

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Tony Horton’s P90X2 is hardcore evolution in physical fitness training. P90 is the foundation of P90X and P90X2 is the natural progression for veterans. The primary difference is post activation potentiation (PAP): it is the result of complex training processes for muscle function enhancement based on contractile history. In laymen terms, PAP is a phenomenon that occurs after heavy loading, e.g., squatting before a sprint, the runner will feel a burst of energy and lightness. The recognition and study of PAP’s physiological effects have changed physical fitness as we understand it. P90X2 is a training protocol for PAP effects.

P90X and P90X2 promote regimented exercise workouts, cardiovascular and flexibility training, nutrition and supplements, proper recovery and rest periods and finally adaptive methods for travelers. However, the uninitiated needs to know P90X2 is not for everyone; in fact P90X is probably more difficult during the adaptation period. Persons 60 years and older or persons diagnosed with arthritis or other biomechanical issues should consult a physician prior to interval training. Interval training is the core of P90X; and P90X2’s PAP is the next step in that it is assumes the person is conditioned for heavy loading, plyometric and ballistic styled movements.

P90X’s protocol is muscle confusion through varied resistance training techniques, plyometric exercises, cardiovascular exercises and yoga postures for flexibility, mobility and strength integration. The adaptation period is three, thirty day phases that promote mastery and adaptation. Weekly training is six days per week. The protocol is based on twelve intense workout routines that build on simple movements to master complex movements and unify a segmented, weak body into a powerful fit body. Nutrition requirements are designed with the uninitiated in mind for weight loss or weight gain; supplements are recommended for fitness goals as well.

P90X2 is designed for optimal performance. The P90X veterans can expect a variation of interval training and muscle confusion with twelve new workout routines, plus two extreme routines that combine all kinetic chains for maximal performance. Adaptation periods are flexible three to six week periods versus the foundational P90X four week periods. Five day weekly workouts provide an extra day of rest for recovery from the extreme routines. Additionally, the yoga element is modified for sports specific training. Finally, the nutritional guidelines are based on the latest scientific knowledge for maximal returns on your training investments. P90X2 is Horton’s magnum opus!

P90X vs P90X2
1. P90X2 focuses more on balance throughout the program.
2. P90X2 doesn’t have a cardio specific workout.
3. P90X2 has two rest days per week.
4. P90X2 requires more equipment.
5. P90X2 has more technically difficult exercises.
6. P90X2 there are bigger differences in the phases.
7. P90X has more structured phases.
8. P90X has a better yoga video.

1. Doing P90X before P90X2 is not required but you would deffinitly bennifit from doing P90X

1. Structured program so that you know what exercise to do every day.
2. Flexible schedule with two rest days per week.
3. Minimal equipment required.
4. Get in the best shape of your life.
5. Scientifically researched training methods.
6. No time spent driving to the health club, waiting for machines.
7. Challenging.
8. Includes Yoga, for many people it’s the only place they would try it.
9. Modifications for your ability (easy – medium – hard) are part of every video.
10. Modifications without equipment are part of every video.
11. No boring cardio specific workouts, but you will sweat and get your heart rate up.
12. Each 3-week phases prepares you for the next 3-week phase so you do not start with the difficult stuff until you’re ready.
13. Fitness guide to explain the reasoning behind the program. Take a minute to read this!
14. You only need about a 10 x 10 area in your home.
1. Sometimes Tony talks too much.

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